Mo Palmer

Digital Librarian

Mo is an at-large member of The Bishoff Financial Group who lives in Oregon. Mo manages our records and electronic files — all of the little things that help make the big things flow more smoothly. She has a passion for the alphabet!

Prior to working with The Bishoff Financial Group in 2008, Mo spent several years with the Mountain Parks Foundation raising funds for education about and preservation of the Redwoods in Felton, California. She has also worked as a library assistant in military,
accounting, and public libraries. Having earned a B.A. in literature and history from Colorado Women's College, it's no surprise that Mo enjoys reading. She also enjoys hiking and old sci-fi movies.

When she's not reading, hiking, or watching movies, Mo is busy spending time with her grandson and trying not to let her two daughters drive her too crazy.

If there is anything Mo can do to make your experience with The Bishoff Financial Group more enjoyable, don't hesitate to let her know!