Brexit And Its Effect On The Us

June 24, 2016

Good Morning,

As I am sure you are aware, last night Great Britain voted to leave the European Union in a 52% to 48% vote. Although there are a number of things that we cannot predict at this time, here is what we know:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today opened down 500 points.
The British Pound hit a thirty-year low, reporting at $1.37 at 9:30 a.m.
Barclay's today was down -26%.
Standard & Poor's may cut Britain's AAA rating.
• The flight to safety in the bond market is significant:

US 2's down -.21%
US 5's down -.285%
US 10's down -.261%
US 30's down -.20%

What questions might your audience ask?

• Will this affect my investments?
• Will this affect my retirement?
• Will this affect my investment income?
• How will this affect the local economy?
• How will this affect the local jobs market?

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