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     At The Bishoff Financial Group, we truly believe in the adage, "knowledge is power." The world of finance is constantly changing, and there so much media coverage that it is often difficult to know where to look for the most credible updates. With this in mind, our team of financial experts keeps an eye out for the latest resources, practices and news every day. The Team Bishoff Blog is a log of what we believe is the best, most practical, up-to-date information. If you need help finding an old entry, please email Chris at, and we can send you the article directly.

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Us Lawmakers Pass Bill To Combat Elder Financial Abuse
Bishoff Financial Group Leadership Lobbies for Law      Washington, D.C. – The US House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill to make it easier for advisors to…
Welcome Cody
 June 13, 2017   It is with great pleasure that we welcome Cody Schnipke (Shnip-kee) as a full-time member of The Bishoff Financial Group.   You may recall Cody joining us in October…
March 2017 Insight
Adam E Bray CFP®Chief Investment Officer The market narrative that has dominated the news cycle since November has been the election. Fed Chief Janet Yellen summed it up well during her…
On The Markets 2016
     2016 was the year of the vote. We saw the vote on the British referendum (Brexit), the vote for the US Presidency, the Italian referendum, and the Federal Reserve voting to raise…
2017 New Year Mailing
Hello,       We want to wish you and your family a healthy and successful 2017. We had another great year with our seasoned team, Rich Mills, Mo Palmer, Adam Bray, and Chris…
November 2016 Insight
Adam E Bray CFP®Chief Investment Officer      The S&P 500 Index closed at an all-time high 2,190 on August 15 (St. Louis Federal Reserve). We then preceded to close within 3%…
September Cyber Security Report
6 tips for dealing with fraudulent charges, reporting to the bank, and getting a new card It's likely something like this will happen to you, a family member, or a friend. Here are some tips for…
Social Security Payout Press Release
Contact:Chris RizerDirector of 377-6640 September 18, 2016  Good Afternoon,  We are writing to make you aware of a report recently published by…
Medicare Potential Social Security Payout Reductions
Could Reduce Social Security Payouts for Some
September 2016 Blog
Adam E Bray CFP®Chief Investment Officer Turn the page and close the chapter on a dull August We may be near a record high, but using closing prices, the S&P 500 traded in a 1.54% range in…
August 2016 Insight
Adam E Bray CFP®Chief Investment Officer During July, the S&P 500 Index finally eclipsed its prior all-time closing high setback on May 21, 2015.1 Since the bull market started in 2009, there…
July 2016 Cyber Security Report
Widget: Custom/Cyber Securit Vacation may be on everyone's mind but it's important to remember these cybersecurity tips when traveling. • Think twice about what you post on social…
July 2016 Newsletter
Adam E Bray CFP®Chief Investment Officer Political tremors create economic wavesOn June 23, the UK voted in a nonbinding referendum to exit the 28-nation economic and political bloc called the…
Brexit What Should You Know
Adam E Bray CFP®Chief Investment Officer June 27, 2016      We want to make you aware of a situation we are continually monitoring. On Thursday British citizens voted to leave the…
Press Release Brexit And Its Effect On The Us
Brexit And Its Effect On The Us
Are You Ready To Retire
Your Assets Matter More Than Your Age  Wm Eric Bishoff CFP®President & CEO      Isn’t 65 the traditional retirement age? Perhaps, but baby boomers are modifying the…
How Will You Take Care Of Yourself If You Cannot Work
Richard Mills Risk Management      The ability to earn income is your most important asset. All future plans – from buying a home and funding your children’s education to…
The June 2016 Cyber Security Report
     Widget: Custom/Cyber Securit  Fear of identity theft drives American households offline The National Telecommunications and Information Administration recently released the…
New Fiduciary Rule
April 4, 2016      This Wednesday, April 6, the Department of Labor will announce a new rule to drastically change the financial services industry. Changes include: Requiring all…
The June 2016 Insight
Adam E Bray CFP®Chief Investment Officer Widget: Custom/Newsletter Summer's Hot Issues  On May 21, 2015, the S&P 500 Index closed at 2,130.82, an all-time closing high for this…
May 2016 Monthly Insight

Changes to the new fiduciary rule: our take
President & CEO Wm Eric Bishoff CFP® spoke with Investment News reporter Mark Schoeff last week about changes The Department of Labor made to its new fiduciary rule before announcing it on April 6. More

The Department of Labor on Wednesday April 6 will announce a new rule to drastically change the financial services industry.

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What is the best way to downsize your home in retirement?
President & CEO Wm Eric Bishoff CFP® offers some tips in this Columbus Dispatch article by real estate reporter Jim Weiker.